Southern Surrogacy, LLC was founded by attorney friends and colleagues  who came together to create a one of a kind surrogacy program. Each of us has extensive experience in the legal field of third party assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

Amy Wallas Fox, Esq., Executive Director

Attorney Amy Wallas Fox is Executive Director of Southern Surrogacy and a principal in Claiborne Fox Bradley Goldman, LLC. Amy began her career in 2007 as associate attorney for Ruth Claiborne. In that position, Amy recruited gestational carriers for the firm’s matching program and handled gestational surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation and adoption cases.

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Ruth Claiborne, Esq., Founding Director

Attorney Ruth Claiborne characterizes her approach to law as innovative. Serving individual clients is her main mission, but her legislative background, including 10 years as a judge in superior court, gives her a unique edge above others. Over the years, she has been an integral part of shaping public policy in the area of assisted reproductive technology law. As an example of her work at the forefront of this area of law, she is the second lawyer in Georgia to ever handle a Georgia surrogacy case.

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Lila Newberry Bradley, Esq., Director of Operations

Lila Newberry Bradley has focused her practice on the needs of children for the past 10 years, and she is delighted to expand the range of her practice by joining Claiborne & Fox (now Claiborne Fox Bradley Goldman) in 2013.  Lila represents clients who are creating and growing families through adoption or assisted reproduction.  She believes that all people deserve the opportunity to build a family that includes children, and she is pleased that her legal skills can assist those who face challenges.

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Lynn Holland Goldman, Esq., Recruitment Director

Lynn Goldman is a leader in creating Georgia’s public policies and laws affecting children. She joined the firm in 2014 after building a career as a child welfare lawyer and mediator for the previous 17 years.  After experiencing infertility herself in 2002 she was excited to work with other families on their family building journey.

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Stephanie G. Hunter, M.S.W., Case Manager

Stephanie Hunter joined the firm in 2014 and operates out of the Charlotte office as the Southern Surrogacy Case Manager.

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William R. Claiborne, Esq.

Attorney William R. Claiborne is the managing attorney of The Claiborne Firm, P.C., a firm with an of-counsel relationship with Claiborne Fox Bradley Goldman, LLC located in Savannah, Georgia, with his practice area stretching from Savannah east to Laurens County (Dublin) north to Screven County (Sylvania) and south to Camden County (St. Mary’s). Will’s practice areas include civil rights litigation, personal injury, family law,  adoption, assisted reproductive technologies, and estate planning.

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Our Surrogacy Offices

60 Lenox Pointe NE,  Atlanta, GA 30324

417 East Blvd. Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28203

410 E. Bay Street,  Savannah, GA 31401