Southern Surrogacy offers a comprehensive, full-service surrogacy program, guiding intended parents through their entire surrogacy journey.

Along your path to parenthood, we will offer the matching, case management, trust account oversight, and legal services you need. We will also arrange for you to work with licensed mental health professionals, top reproductive physicians, licensed insurance agents, and trust accounting professionals — respected, industry-leading experts with whom we have developed close relationships during our lengthy history in the Southeast region.

We call on the expertise of our team of experienced surrogacy attorneys to prepare surrogacy contracts on your behalf, negotiate with separate counsel for the gestational surrogate, and obtain pre-birth court orders of parentage to safely and legally complete your family. Our expertise in surrogacy laws throughout the southeast region gives us confidence in our ability to obtain pre-birth orders for every one of our clients.

And unlike some surrogacy agencies, we quote a realistic program fee for all of these services — one that you can rely on.

We believe that surrogacy is a personal process, one that is based in meaningful, collaborative relationships. That’s why we personally get to know each of our surrogates through an intensive screening process, including questionnaires, in-person meetings, background checks, a home visit, medical records review, and more. And because we focus on local matches within the southern states, you will have an opportunity to develop a personal relationship with your surrogate and be a part of the pregnancy.

If you are considering surrogacy for your family, complete the following form to schedule a free phone consultation and learn more about Southern Surrogacy’s program and services.