Are you looking for a different type of surrogacy program — one where you are matched with intended parents who are located close by and can be involved in the pregnancy? One where you can meet the agency directors, attorneys, and staff in person?

We believe that the key to a successful surrogacy experience is finding the right match for each of our clients. Southern Surrogacy focuses on regional matches of surrogates and intended parents who reside in the South, or have other meaningful ties nearby, so that they can easily participate in the pregnancy.

When you work with Southern Surrogacy, we will get to know you personally and listen to what you are looking for in an intended family. You can feel reassured that intended parents also undergo background checks and provide extensive information about the type of surrogacy experience and relationship they want to have with you. You will never feel pressured to match with intended parents whom you are not comfortable working with.

However, unlike some other agencies, our services don’t end with the matching process. We are always available to provide the guidance, support, and services you need through each step of your surrogacy journey. Our team of experienced surrogacy professionals is never more than a phone call away.

We also strive to provide each of our surrogates with a competitive compensation package, one that reflects that all of the things you do to bring a healthy baby into the world are recognized and appreciated.

Surrogacy is a personal process, and we appreciate that each surrogacy experience and relationship is unique. We will tailor our services and program to best meet your needs and those of the intended parents.

If you are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate, please complete the following form to learn more about the qualifications to join our program.