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Ready To Begin Your Surrogacy Journey?

Welcome to Southern Surrogacy, one of the top surrogacy agencies in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. We are glad that you are considering our team of professionals to guide and assist you as you embark on the exciting journey of family building through surrogacy.

Our unique surrogacy program focuses not only on building families, but also on building relationships. We strive to develop personal relationships with each of our clients and to facilitate strong bonds between our intended parents and gestational carriers. We offer comprehensive recruitment, matching, and other surrogacy services to ensure each of our intended parents and surrogates finds their perfect match.

The best surrogacy agencies do more than make great matches. Throughout the process, our team of dedicated surrogacy attorneys and social workers are available to help you manage your relationship. Our regional focus keeps you in close proximity with your surrogate or intended parents, allowing all parties to truly be involved in the pregnancy. Whether you want to add to your family or become a surrogate in Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama or Tennessee, your perfect match will likely be within driving distance of your hometown.

As a relatively small gestational surrogacy agency, our team works collaboratively on every case. And because our surrogacy program was founded by the experienced Georgia surrogacy lawyers of Claiborne Fox Bradley, you will always have the peace of mind that your surrogacy is being completed safely, legally, and in the most effective manner possible.

Southern Surrogacy has three convenient office locations for intended parents and prospective surrogates searching for an Atlanta, Savannah or Charlotte surrogacy agency.

Our services extend far beyond Georgia and North Carolina. We also serve those searching for surrogacy agencies in Nashville, Charleston, Birmingham, and everywhere in between.

Our mission is simple — to provide the highest standards of professionalism, competence and ethics. We have chosen our profession because we believe it is work that truly matters —helping to build families.

Start your surrogacy journey today. Call Southern Surrogacy at 855-787-2229 (855-SUR-BABY) to learn more about your surrogacy options.